WeGuard Secures Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) Status – Transforming Mobile Management

We are excited to share that WeGuard has been officially recognized as an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) solution. This prestigious certification from Google highlights our commitment to providing top-tier mobile device management services tailored for enterprise needs. Earning the AER badge means WeGuard has successfully met Google’s highest standards for security, functionality, and reliability.

What Is Android Enterprise Recommended (AER)?

The Android Enterprise Recommended program recognizes solutions that deliver the best in class service for enterprise mobile management. Solutions that earn this badge have undergone rigorous testing to confirm they meet advanced enterprise requirements essential for modern organizations.

WeGuard’s Journey to Achieving Android Enterprise Recommended Certification

Earning the AER designation was a rigorous process that showcased WeGuard’s robust capabilities and unwavering commitment to elevating enterprise mobility management standards:

  • Rigorous Google Testing ✅ – WeGuard meets Google’s strictest enterprise-grade security standards and functionality requirements.
  • Deep Integration ✅ – WeGuard successfully integrated with core Android Enterprise features (zero-touch enrollment, work profiles, and advanced app management functionalities). This integration ensures a seamless management experience across all Android devices.
  • Ongoing Validation ✅ – WeGuard demonstrates ongoing commitment to security updates and compatibility with the latest Android releases.

WeGuard’s AER-Recognized Features

As part of our AER certification, WeGuard offers comprehensive management sets designed to cater to a variety of organizational needs. This ensures versatility and security in managing Android devices:

  • Dedicated Device Management: Ideal for corporate-owned, single-use devices, this management set allows IT administrators to control device functionality and secure them against misuse.
  • Full Device Management: Provides complete control over devices, offering extensive security and management features to protect and monitor all aspects of the device’s operation.
  • Mobile App Management (MAM): Focuses on securing and managing enterprise apps, enabling businesses to deploy and control them without full device management, suitable for both corporate-owned and BYOD scenarios.
  • Work Profile Management: Enhances user privacy by creating a separate work profile on personal devices, isolating and securing work data from personal apps and data.
  • Zero-touch Enrollment: Enables easy deployment of corporate devices. Devices can be configured online and set up automatically for employee use right out of the box, reducing IT effort and creating a seamless setup experience.

How This Impacts Our Customers

Earning the AER badge assures our customers of WeGuard’s robust capabilities in delivering advanced security and management features. These features ensure a consistent, streamlined deployment experience across all Android devices, facilitating better control and efficiency for IT administrators.

  • Streamlined Device Deployment: With zero-touch enrollment and full device management, IT teams can deploy devices quickly and efficiently without manual setup.
  • Enhanced Security: Dedicated device and mobile app management options provide robust security measures for sensitive corporate data and apps, even on personal devices.
  • Flexible Management Options: Whether it involves managing work profiles on personal devices or overseeing fleets of corporate devices, WeGuard provides adaptable solutions to accommodate a variety of enterprise requirements.

What’s Next?

A message from our CEO:

I am immensely proud of our recent recognition as an Android Enterprise Recommended solution. This achievement is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work, reflecting our commitment to delivering unparalleled security and management solutions in the enterprise mobility space. Our journey to this milestone has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding, proving our resolve to set the highest standards in everything we do. I extend my deepest gratitude to our Customers for their trust and to our Team for their relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we continue to forge a path toward a more secure and efficient digital future for businesses everywhere.

– Sunil Sankaramanchi, CEO of Wenable, Inc.

As we honor this achievement, WeGuard remains focused on exploring new opportunities and advancements in enterprise mobility. We invite you to join us in this journey to leverage WeGuard’s enhanced capabilities and see firsthand how our Google-validated solution can streamline and secure your mobile device operations.

We invite you to experience the benefits of our Android Enterprise Recommended solution. Visit Wenable to learn more about us, schedule a demo, and discover how WeGuard can enhance your enterprise mobility strategy.

weDaaS Benefits

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